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Great Customer Review- July 2017

Great Customer Review- July 2017

good review of cleaning company in westchester ny
7 Jul

Great Customer Review- July 2017

This month we just completed a big cleanup job for one of our great customers. After it was all said and dione and the dust settle the customer’s home was spic and span. She was so pleased she felt compelled to write us this letter of gratitude.

Dear Ronny and Danielle and others,

Thank you so very much for all your hard work scheduling and cleaning my house.  My husband is very pleased but I am even more pleased!  The house got filthy over the past few years when I was dealing with illness.  Yesterday was a lot of work but you all did a wonderful job.  I hope to call on you again.  
I’ll call again when we need another big job for your cleaning service.  
And Danielle, I didn’t forget that cake we talked about!  One day, when you least expect it, I’ll surprise you!
All the best,
-Marleen Kassel and Paul Kerson
Thanks Marlene and Paul!
To all of the rest of you out there don’t forget about our Power Washing Service. July is a great month to schedule a free estimate on our Contact Page and see how we can make your home really look amazing from the outside in!

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