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Ronny Reliables story

Ronny Reliables story

It was 1973 and I had been laid off from an elevator installation construction job. Coincidentally at the same time my neighbor Ray had just retired from working with the NY Daily News.

He wanted to pick up some extra work before moving to Florida so I went out and ordered some business cards and we started to wash windows in South Yonkers and the upper part of Riverdale.

We put some signs up in the building laundry room. “WINDOW CLEANING $1 per window call Ronny or Ray”. Things were going well and about a week later I picked up the cards and asked Ray for the $12, his half of the cards. He told me his plans moved up ahead of schedule and he was going to Florida. I spent the rest of the day removing his name from 2000 business cards bought a bottle of windex and a roll of paper towels and the rest is history.

The Ronny Reliables name came about due to one of my first customers. She lived in an apartment house on Valentine Lane in Yonkers. She called and made an appointment for 8am the next morning. I puntually rang the bell at 8am sharp and she said “You’re Ronny Reliable!”

From there customers would ask me to clean their oven or bath room along with other odd cleaning jobs. Some of them would give me stuff to get rid of. Most of it was in good shape, lamps chairs etc. and even a small upright piano. I put the stuff in the garage I rented on Radford St in Yonkers. I had so much stuff soon that I had no room to put my car in the garage .One Saturday I had a garage sale and made $90. That was more than I ever made cleaning windows in a day. Soon I began to clean out attics and basements and I just had to get a junk dealers license. It was perfect timing with Sanford and Son on TV.

The business kept growing. I then rented floor sanding machines, buffers and carpet cleaning machines. Then more growth cleaning beauty parlors that were closed on Mondays. Good help came easy then. People had a different work ethic. I knew most of the people I hired including my brother Tom who would go and clean all the windows at the Sans Souci nursing home in North Yonkers in a day, thanks Tom.

By 1981 and I had been rubbing shoulders with other people in the industry. Customers asked me to clean their upholstery, a bit nervous I did. Somehow I always felt that I would be buying someones furniture someday. I heard about industry schools and decided to go to upholstery cleaning school given by Murray Creamer. While there I heard and saw all kinds of exciting things and equipment. After that I went to LLyods water damage school and from there the education march was on.

From then until now I thought that classes and training would always pay off and it did and is still paying off. In January of this year 2014 I sent one of my workers to a Water Restoration Tech course. I was so excited about him going that I have decided to go back for more refesher courses to further my own education. Carpet cleaning schools, deodorizing schools, power washing schools, the list goes on and on. The most interesting and scientific school is water damage restoration school. The advances in technology of drying “pshycometrics” is constantly changing. We have to go back every few years not only as a refresher but also a new learning expierence. Deodorizing and cleaning chemicals are also more advanced but in most cases they have made the job easier and more effective. Power washing cleans a varity of surfaces such as walks, walls, fences and patio furniture. House siding of stone, vinyl, cedar, aluminum, decks of wood and composites patios of all types of stone and composites.

We have tried some things that did not pan out like Ultra Sonic cleaning. This method of cleaning makes tiny bubbles the bombbard materials and dislodge the soil. It also removes oder in the process. That was a bit more geared for fire restoration which we do not do. We do however refer people who call us about that service to some very qualified companies. We also took a shot at roof cleaning. The insurance and risk of injury were just to costly. So we have settled into our stand alone quality services that include Window cleaning, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning including leather, area rug cleaning, power washing, deodorizing, gutter cleaning, water damage and sewage damage cleanup.

We at Ronny Reliables plan to be around for a long time to come. There is still alot of grime out there and Ronny Reliables “Anti Grime Unit” will always be on the case…


Ronald Ymbras


Being a Vietnam Veteran in his spare time Ronny and his son Matt have recently Published a book about Vietnam Veterans Memorials. You will soon be able to find the book in store but for now it is best to find it online