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The process of eliminating bad smells

Odor in homes and buildings arises from many sources that may include pet urine, dead body and skunk odors, disaster contaminates, moisture problems or just plain soil. Routine cleaning automatically removes the sources of general soiling odors.

Pet urine decontamination normally requires more specialized deodorizing techniques. To remove musty odor associated with moisture, ultimately it’s important to identify and correct the moisture (high humidity) intrusion problem. Odor associated with disaster contaminates (smoke, trauma events) requires highly specialized procedures and techniques.

Odor removal involves four general principles:

1. Removing the source if possible

2. Cleaning affected surfaces and materials

3. Recreating the conditions of penetration with appropriate counteractants

4. Sealing the area if possible

!A survey commissioned by the IICRC indicates that 81 percent of U.S. homeowners agree that the health of their family is directly related to the cleanliness of floors in the home. While a key component to improving air quality is eliminating carpet and rug odors, which in many cases requires regularly cleaning these surfaces, only 15 percent clean their carpet at least once a year.

Certified professionals are trained and experienced in dealing with carpet-related odor. They have the detection tools, the specialized agents, the equipment and the experience necessary to deal with odors of all types and kinds.

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