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cleaning company westchester ny

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Giving your home the basic clean all over

General cleaning is one of our most requested services. People call after construction/remodeling, move ins and outs, seasonal cleanings, having a party or just working to much.

We can all use some help now and then.

Kitchens, closets, bathrooms, attics, garages, basements, hall and stairways and many more collect dirt, dust and cobwebs. Even the fridge, stove, cabinets, the list goes on and on…

There is no need to worry, we clean it all. First to avoid confusion, each job must be looked at in person and discussed with the person in charge of the work to be done. The main challenge is to come in at the right time to avoid contractor overlap and redos. This occurs when one contractor is finishing up work and it is ill timed with another contractor. Changes in plans also cause redos, like late work in bathrooms or the “PUNCH LIST” being done which causes us to redo rooms already cleaned.

What ever the task we are up to the challange. We have been doing this for over 40 years. In fact some of our new customers now are grandchildren of some of our earliest customers.

Satisfaction is always guaranteed. If you have any questions with the finished job just call us and we will touch it up if necessary, no problem…


Ronny Ymbras, Owner/Operator

Home Cleaning Service in Westchester County

cleaning company westchester ny

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